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VPN Gate is a free volunteer-run VPN service designed to help people unblock content.

Many free VPN services come with a catch. They are either extremely restricted, full of ads, or designed specifically to get you to upgrade to a paid version. Not VPN Gate. This VPN is an open source volunteer-run service that was designed to be free and accessible to everyone.

VPN Gate utilizes SoftEther VPN, which is an open source protocol designed by the University of Tsukuba in Japan. It has a number of encryption options, including 256-bit AES cipher with RSA 4096-bit key encryption which is about as secure as you can get.

Although it’s security is impressive, the main reason VPN Gate was created was to help people access blocked content and to avoid censorship. By logging into one of their many servers around the world, you can enjoy content that was previously restricted in your area. This includes sites like Netflix and other streaming services.

VPN Gate is an open source service, which gives it a huge advantage over other VPNs. Its maintained by a community of thousands of volunteers that are constantly working to improve and update the software.

Of course, the biggest advantage of VPN Gate is that it’s a free service. There are no paid plans and the company has promised to never make it a paid service. This is partly because they want to be able to provide a free VPN to everyone.

However, they also do this to avoid any government interference. The VPN is based in Japan, where all paid network services must be registered with the government. To avoid this, they’ve vowed to always keep the service free.

VPN Gate also has several other benefits.


• Over 9000 Servers Available – Thousands of volunteers around the world run servers for users to log in to, which has created one of the largest collections of any VPN. There are servers in virtually every country.
• Break Government Firewalls – VPN Gate has been proven to help internet users from around the world break through restrictive government firewalls to access content.
• User Forum – Do you have questions about VPN Gate? Head over to the user forum where the community will be happy to answer them for you.
• No Registration is Required – You do not need to register an account with VPN Gate to use the service. Simply go to the site and follow the instructions on how to log on to the servers.

VPN Gate works with Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android.


It’s extremely admirable that a group of volunteers would work tirelessly to keep a free VPN service up and running. Other VPN companies can talk all they want about how an open internet is important to them, but their commitment pales in comparison to that of the VPN Gate volunteers.

Considering that the VPN is free and was intended primarily as an anti-piracy tool, their encryption protocols are rather impressive. They use a 256-bit AES cipher with RSA 4096-bit key encryption, which is top of the line. However, users need to be aware that since all servers are donated by volunteers, those volunteers could have access to your data. Using VPN Gate is more secure than a regular internet connection, but it could potentially put your data at risk, so keep that in mind.

VPN Gate was created to help people access content, and this is where it really shines. The VPN has been proven to unlock a wide range of geo-blocked content, including Netflix, YouTube, and other streaming sites. This is very impressive, considering a number of paid services have been unable to do this effectively.

When you use VPN Gate you’ll also have access to one of the largest server collections in the world. Their server list is currently at over 9000, with servers located in virtually every country (although not all servers are active all the time). This gives you endless options to choose from when looking for a connection.

You also don’t need to create an account with VPN Gate to start using it. Simply go to their website, choose a server, and follow the directions to connect. Each server has different instructions, but as long as you follow the steps connecting is relatively easy.

Since VPN Gate is not a commercial service there is no customer support. However, they do have a great community forum that’s frequented by a number of knowledgeable users. If you have a problem, simply post it in the forum and someone will be able to answer your questions.

For a free service, VPN Gate does everything you could ever ask of it. If you’re looking for a free VPN then VPN Gate is highly recommended.

Servers and Speed

Countries – Unknown

Server Count – 9000

Speed – 2 mbps download. 2 mbps upload (Results may vary from server to server)

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